Ana's Slave ; Mia's Slut

just been thinking about everything today ….. how much i ate today , how much i eat in general , how im fat and ugly and stupid and worthless , how beautiful nathan makes me feel , how wonderful and amazing he is , why he wont just ask me to be his gf already (prolly bc im so fat and ugly) , how i think i might love him …. just so much . really just wanna look at thinspo <3

sorry i just realized how long i was gone ):


please please do this! I need motivation tonight.


And because I’m too weak to do it myself


And because I’m too weak to do it myself



Made my weekly meal plan and work sched and work out sched into one tonight. lets see how much this helps me out. only 745 total calories from Tuesday-Sunday <333 thats if i dont drink friday night.

im scared to drink because of the calories. im fasting wednesday-friday so well see how this goes.

for lent i am going to keep myself so busy with school, work, volunteering, and friends that i wont have time to think about binging <3

food can kiss my ass. because its outta my life…

well except for the part of tonight when i had to eat dinner, but i purged it all <3 its gettin harder and harder to purge now and its gettin real annoying /:


Plannin on dyin soon…. so if i dont post nothing,thats why. <3 i just cant handle any of this anymore. I’ll give myself 2 weeks before I 100% break and actually do it…

B begged me to eat tonight. then held me as i cried my eyes out and shaked because i wanted to purge so bad….he wants so badly for me to be “better” i wish i wasnt lyin to him..i dont want to get better. i deserve every comment, every cut, every tear. this will kill me. and i will not stop it.

Bracelet Project<3

RED- anorexia

PURPLE- bulimia

BLACK/BLUE-self injury                                                                                     

YELLOW- strength                                                                                    

ORANGE- recovery

GREEN - fasting at that time
PINK - ednos (eating disorder not yet specified)

Ana Recovery- RED and BLACK
Mia Recovery- PURPLE and BLACK
cutter recovery- BLUE and BLACK
ednos recovery- BLACK/GREEN/BLUE

I’m afraid of 26 out of 69 common fears.

Cross out the things you’re afraid of and put your score at the top.

1.      the dark

2.      staying single forever

3.      being a parent

4.      giving birth

5.      being myself in front of others

6.      open spaces

7.      closed spaces

8.      heights

9.      dogs

10.  birds

11.  fish

12.  spiders

13.  flowers or other plants

14.  being touched

15.  fire

16.  deep water

17.  snakes

18.  silk

19.  the ocean

20.  failure

21.  success

22.  thunder/lightning

23.  frogs/toads

24.  my boyfriends/girlfriends dad

25.  boyfriends/girlfriends mom

26.  rats

27.  jumping from high places

28.  snow

29.  rain

30.  wind

31.  crossing hanging bridges

32.  death

33.  heaven

34.  being robbed

35.  falling

36.  clowns

37.  dolls

38.  large crowds of people

39.  men

40.  women

41.  having great responsibilities

42.  doctors, including dentists

43.  tornado

44.  hurricanes

45.  incurable diseases

46.  sharks

47.  friday the 13th

48.  ghosts

49.  poverty

50.  halloween

51.  school

52.  trains

53.  odd numbers

54.  even numbers

55.  being alone

56.  becoming blind

57.  becoming deaf

58.  growing up

59.  creepy noises in the night

60.  bee stings

61.  not accomplishing my dreams/goals

62.  needles

63.  blood

64.  dinosaurs

65.  the welcome mat

66.  high speed

67.  throwing up

68.  falling in love

69.  super secrets

If you repost this, it’s been requested that you title it “I’m afraid of _ out of 69 common fears”

If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling.

If you get more than 20, you’re paranoid. [THATS ME…]

If you get 10-20, you are normal.

If you get 10 or less, you’re fearless.